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President & CEO

Sara B. Picard established Millennium Administrators, Inc., a national healthcare consulting firm specializing in healthcare and benefits administration in 1998. She is also the founder of The Managed Care Institute, a non-profit health education organization, designed to promote health awareness on critical disease state conditions and chronic illness.

Ms. Picard’s experience and innovation in the healthcare benefits field is exemplified by her tenure at two of the country’s largest health insurance organizations: Aetna/US Healthcare and Independence Blue Cross as well as Universal Health Services, Inc, a hospital management company. From 1998 to present, Ms. Picard formed Millennium Administrators, Inc. a national healthcare consulting firm and benefits Administration Company.

Millennium prides itself as a “healthcare cost containment advocate” without sacrificing the quality of healthcare benefits. Ms. Picard gained national recognition at Aetna/US Healthcare where she assisted in the implementation and design and creation of the 183,000-square foot Customer Service Center that has been featured in Beyond Quality, Fortune, Working Women, Interior Magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Ms. Picard has been instrumental in several key initiatives aimed at improving the health and well-being of Independence Blue Crossʼ female members during her tenure at Independent Blue Cross. Ms. Picard is extremely passionate about her industry, company, and employees.


Director of Operations and Human Resources

Trish Parrish is an accomplished Human Resources executive with a proven track record of working closely with business leaders at all levels. Trish comes to Millennium Administrators with over 25 years of experience in Human Resources Management. She has subsequently consulted to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Schering - Plough, Bristol Myers, Johnson& Johnson and Nabisco in the areas of employee retention, recruitment, competitive compensation, extensive organization development and employee benefits and policy procedures.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Parrish was Director of Human Resources at Aetna/ US Healthcare and a Marketing executive with Career Consultants , Inc. She is a frequent speaker to corporations on Organization Effectiveness, Core Team Communications, Motivation and Training. Her vision and ability to nurture relationships leads to long-term answers and success.



Office Manager

Marietta is a valuable asset to Millennium and was the first employee hired in the early 2000s. Fortunately, Marietta has thrived in accounting and customer service throughout all of her business experiences. Marietta is hard working and very passionate about her work. She has been rewarded as one of Millennium's Top Customer Service Agents.

Prior to joining Millennium, Marietta was employed with Merchants Dispatch Transportation for over 20 years. Marietta held various positions in accounting and customer service departments.

"My position with Millennium gives me an opportunity to service clients and help them with questions concerning present coverage and directing them as to what may benefit them in the future."


Staff Supervisor

Lisa has been with Millennium for over 10 years now.  As a veteran of Millennium, she has graduated from West Chester University with a degree in psychology.  Among her co-workers, she is a licensed agent and a notary public.  Before Lisa had the opportunity to stay at home to raise her three children, she worked in human resources at Vanguard and account services at Midlantic Mortgage Company.

As an administrator, Lisa handles the day-to-day administration of plans, insurance enrollment forms for new hires, implementing changes in plans, and resolving insurance claims or billing issues quickly and efficiently. She assures their clients’ paperwork is filled out accurately and timely.  Also, Lisa educates clients about details of their plans and other necessary details to be sure the clients’ needs are managed. In addition, she also does individual quoting and sales, as well as small group quoting and sales. 

Lisa loves her role in the company and thoroughly enjoys creating a personal connection with our clients in order to provide more personalized customer service.



Social Media & Marketing

Bianca graduated from the prestige New York University and received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the Tisch School of the Arts, with a minor in Producing. Bianca has been at the forefront of bringing Millennium's overall vision to life through our company website and other media services. Bianca has been with Millennium since 2014 and specializes in marketing and media. She finds new creative, innovative ways to bring new business to Millennium and improve our overall customer service experience. In her free time, Bianca works as an independent film Director, Producer and Project Manager. She also runs all social media platforms at Millennium. If you're ever stumbling across our Facebook page, please be sure to say Hi!


Pharmacy Consultant

Joe Paciello comes to Millennium with 28 years experience in Pharmacy Operations.  He began his career as manager of the pharmacy call center at US Healthcare in Blue Bell, Pa.  Joe transitioned to Pharmacy Operations manager at US Healthcare and was responsible for fielding inquires from participating providers, monitoring the claims adjudication system and providing daily support to senior management. Joe took his twelve years of experience to Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, Pa where he served in a similar role. He was responsible for overseeing compliance, acting as a liaison for company with Prescription Benefit Manager(PBM) and conducting audits.



Senior Account Manager

Jen McCarthy has 12+ years of experience in the health insurance industry. Her attributes are in servicing, selling, and managing accounts in the Small and Mid-size markets. Jen also has a proven track record of outstanding client retention and she is responsible for handling all aspects of group renewals as well as new business implementation. Jen retains a Health and Accident license with a Chartered Benefit Consultant (CBC) designation. She is also Medicare certified. Jen thrives on analyzing healthcare benefits to insure her clients creative and helpful ideas that will result in a cost savings. Her passion is offering people the most beneficial healthcare plan for their investment.


Client Retention Manager

Erin Cannon has been with Millennium Administrators, Inc. for three years and counting. She has been in the insurance industry for 12 years. Erin is a valuable member of the Millennium family, as she strives to achieve ultimate client satisfaction. Erin demonstrates a history of working on claim resolution, pharmacy carve out, telemedicine, wellness initiatives and open enrollment meetings. She maintains close relationships with clients and members.

Prior to working for Millennium Erin was with one of the country’s top insurance carriers, Aetna. Erin was elected to be a part of many of their leadership trainings. She enjoys working closely with her clients and membership. Erin states “I love working with the Millennium Team. It is more like a family and everyone pitches in to help each other."